The Future of TV is in Apps and Streaming Media Players

The future of digital entertainment is in apps and powerful streaming media boxes. They are clearly the future of interacting with television and you simply can’t go wrong with them.

Before we get too deep, let’s think about what it’s like to watch TV content or say Netflix through an app on a streaming media box.

It is probably something like this: you open the desired app, navigate to whatever you want to watch, and then sink into your sofa and watch it.

In that sense, it’s not very different from watching something on your telly on an ordinary cable box, except it’s easier to choose what and when you want to watch, the remote control navigations aren’t very bad, and it’s a terrific user experience overall.

That’s brilliant. That works just fine for on-demand TV services like Netflix and YouTube- popular apps that you use to stream content.

That experience could be way better for other kinds of programs you watch on TV, for example, sports, game shows or reality shows. That’s pretty much the future I believe industry-leading companies see when they mention the future of TV being streaming apps.

  • Some streaming apps give us a sneak peek into how we’re going to be enjoying our favorite content, or interacting with TV in the near future. Imagine a sport streaming app that allows you to watch your favorite sport from a whole new dimension- the mosaic, split screen view. Talk about serving old wine in a new bottle. Won’t it pique your interest when you get to watch your favorite game from multiple angles never shown before?
  • You can literally follow the ball on the main screen, or watch how the goal keeper made- or failed to make- that crucial save. Maybe you don’t want to be looking at the goalie all the time. You can choose from a handful of other feeds available, say the home team or away team feed, and start watching whatever you like. And when the novelty of the mosaic tile format wears off eventually, you may resort to your usual way of watching the game.
  • Some streaming apps might let users watch multiple games simultaneously so they don’t have to move back and forth between channels. They might come with special built-in feeds and features that any sports fan will appreciate, like a real time dashboard that displays relevant information about the player’s recent outings. Moreover, all of it is streamed in HD quality at 60 FPS, which means each frame is captured in the best quality possible, right down to the last detail.

The important thing is that you have a choice in how you watch your favorite sports.  Surely, that’s going to be a totally different experience from watching the game in person, or watching that fixture on TV.

How immersive such experiences can become depends on the design, processing power and smart capabilities of connected devices. This is where streaming media players come in. They allow for so many things that weren’t practically possible with the old TV set. Moreover, revolutionary streaming devices like the AppyTV boast of a completely open system designed to help you take full advantage of various on-demand TV services apps and catch up TV services apps available right now.

Find out how the AppyTV now can turn your living room into a futuristic app-based entertainment hub.

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