Good Things Come in Small Packages – Streaming Devices Are No Exception

Lately, getting internet services on your dusty TV set has become a fairly costly affair. You either have to stump up a lot of cash on a Smart TV or dig into your pocket for buying a fancy media streamer like the Apple TV or Amazon FireTV.

Thanks to AppyTV and its great value AppyTV stick, you can now enjoy a host of internet services through a snazzy HDMI dongle streaming sticking out of the back or side of your TV. An unobtrusive TV accessory is sure a bonus, eh?  What do you reckon?

There is a bunch of streaming sticks available in the market, but why should one pick the AppyTV stick? Put simply, the AppyTV is a tiny, inexpensive, and extremely versatile streaming stick that lets you watch a huge range of online content without much fuss.

Let’s delve a bit deeper.

First things first, AppyTV stick is a completely affordable dongle that puts in your hands the best of online streaming. Whatever you want to watch- whether be it Netflix, YouTube or any other streaming service-  is now readily available on your bog standard TV with a AppyTV stick hooked up to it. This magical little stick works by giving you access to over hundreds of different app like channels from Google Play including many apps not found elsewhere.

The AppyTV stick is ridiculously simple to set up and easy to use—just like its big cousin- the pricier AppyTV box. In fact, it just works in the same way. It’s portable so you can just disconnect it to take to a friend’s house, say. It’s a pretty small dongle- roughly about the size of a flash drive- that plugs straight into your TV set via a HDMI port on the side or on the back. Once set up, get it connected to your Wi-Fi network and voila. Off you go. The handy air-mouse remote takes care of the navigation, which gives it great advantage over other streaming sticks which primarily rely on a mobile phone or tablet for navigation.

The key advantage of the AppyTV stick is that its interface is easy to use and simple, and, the best part is, it’s not skewed towards a particular content library or streaming service like Apple or Amazon. Watch whatever you want whenever you want. as simple as that.  Moreover, all the key numbers in the streaming world are available and well accounted for: Netflix, YouTube, BBC iPlayer, and a host of box tv sets, videos, music on tap for streaming over the cloud etc.

Summing up, the AppyTV stick is a wonderful choice if you want to get on the online streaming bandwagon. It’s not as expensive as the other streaming sticks of its kind but comes with its own remote control and is basically quite powerful both in terms of software and hardware.

Overall, the AppyTV stick is a fantastic product from the AppyTV stable, and at less than £40, gives more bang for your buck providing you’re happy to cough up for a couple of subscription services. It may be surprisingly small for what it does, but it’s surely one of the good things to happen to the UK streaming world after all.

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