Get into the World of Digital Entertainment with the Smart AppyTV Box

Tuning into “whatever’s on TV” is so last decade. With a constantly growing collection of movies, box sets and other content available online, more and more people in the UK are now opting to take their TV online, either to supplement their pay TV subscription or to get rid of it completely. What’s more, as more connected devices start flooding the market, we are definitely going to see an explosion in content and delivery channels.


If you have a large appetite for digital media, there are several ways to make your TV internet friendly, including buying a costly Smart TV that can connect with the cloud itself. However, for many, the most cost-effective and easiest choice will be getting a media streaming device, often for less, and hooking it up to an old TV. Compared to accessing different apps through a smart TV, the streaming devices, in general, offer a great deal of content in a wonderful package with more speed and convenience. Moreover, they don’t cause much resistance between you and all the stuff you want to watch. Besides, they can save a good amount of money along the way.


When it comes to streaming devices, there’s a wide array of options available in the market, each with its own set of features, specifications, pros and cons etc. Some devices connect to the internet via Wi-Fi, while other devices make use of wired Ethernet connections. Some streamers support ordinary high definition picture quality in 720p resolution while the latest devices offer full 1080p HD resolution.


The AppyTV is the ultimate box to rule them all, putting the best of the digital entertainment in your hands while freeing you from the shackles of the typical TV broadcast schedule.


Here are a few crucial reasons why we think the AppyTV may be more to your liking if you have a large appetite for digital media.


  • From BBC iPlayer to Google Chrome, this sleek device can handle apps of all kinds and sizes, making it an ultimate solution to your internet and streaming needs. Maybe it won’t replace a first-grade Android TV with dedicated Android apps, but it has the right blend of hardware and software to let you enjoy a seamless digital experience of streaming and browsing on your big screen.


  • Being a connected and open system, the AppyTV makes it easier to watch whatever you want whenever you want in the best way possible. The air-mouse functionality of the remote that comes with the black box, in particular, is remarkable for it is hands down the best among all streaming devices that come with such advanced remote controls. Additionally, there are exclusive options that let you pause and rewind live TV. Unlike its rivals, the AppyTV gives you access to over 70+ Freeview channels.


  • Plug this device into your TV set and you could even fling video, music etc from your laptop or mobile device or computer onto your big screen. With access to special apps that allow porting of videos and music from network connected devices such as NAS, the AppyTV makes it easier to stream anything from your large media library on to your TV.

There has never been a better time to ditch cable and do away with pay TV or satellite subscription services. So, whether you’ve decided to cut the cord or just looking to dive into the internet’s stash of entertainment, a good streaming device like the AppyTV is a must-have.


Now you know how the AppyTV can convert your standard TV into a smart device, find out more about the magic box here.

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