Revolutionary Device that Makes Watching Sports Easier

A few years ago, watching sports was relatively cheap.  Although many people do not like paying the BBC license fee, it still represented value for money for getting access to exclusive live sports broadcast on many free-to-air terrestrial channels. Things were good.

However, the advent of broadcast giants like SKY brought expensive subscription satellite services – all in a bid to make the end user experience better for all sports fans out there. That wasn’t to be. Sports packages, in particular, were smartly bundled and customers had no choice but to buy into extra services they didn’t need in the first place. The basic packages of any subscription plan did have about 40 to 100 channels, however, users were forced to subscribe to add-on sports packages to be able to follow all their favourite teams across different sports, which ultimately drove the total monthly subscription costs up.

Talk about things going from bad to worse! More recently, Sky Sports and BT sport, two of the most popular sports networks in the UK, saw an increase in rental as sports fans are now having to foot the bill for expensive and exclusive TV rights. With the bidding wars only likely to get intense from here, it is not hard to see a raft of price hikes in near future. This means that an average customer is going to have to pay roughly £50 more a year- whether they like it or not- to be able to catch all their favorite teams in action. Now that’s a lot of money. In addition, as always, they are likely to be presented with an array of baffling bundles, and packages, with fans likely to pay more than £8 a day to follow all their favourite teams closely.

Things look bad, but luckily online streaming is here to help. With the advent of the internet, there’s not a massive difference between subscribing to pay TV and satellite subscription and not subscribing to one. As internet streaming devices and services take the TV industry by storm, ironically, sports, in particular, still continues to be the glue that keeps many subscribers stuck to cable and satellite plans.

There’s no denying that sports fans in the UK are so devoted to their favourite teams and committed to tuning into the big games that they need 24/7 access to high quality internet streams, regardless of authentication, content rights and licensing agreements etc. And yet it seems that we are a long way from true sports fans being able to go completely with the live sports programming via internet streaming.  For this reason, several UK consumers are starting to invest in revolutionary streaming devices such as the AppyTV.

A completely open system, the AppyTV allows you to download virtually any app available on the Google Play store so you can tune into all major sporting action and catch your favourite teams in action. What this means is that, with the AppyTV, you could choose from tens of hundreds of different apps and add-ons designed for streaming both live and catch up sporting events- all at your fingertips and all without any pesky monthly subscription fees.

The AppyTV lets you get back to good old way of enjoying intriguing sports action- sit down in front of the TV and follow your favourite team closely. Order a box today and watch all exhilarating sporting showdowns this season has on offer.

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