Dip Your Toes into Streaming with AppyTV

It’s now easier than ever to sever ties with the tyranny of cable companies and satellite channels these days. Many streaming services like Netflix, Amazon are pushing out a lot of content, but require either a Smart TV or a streaming media device if you’re going to have to watch it on a big screen.  Basically, both devices serve the same purpose- let you stream content and watch all the treasures the online world has to offer- but how well they do it differs a lot.

With more and more content available to stream, people are now faced with buying a new smart TV or adding a new media streamer to the current TV.  It turns out buying an expensive media streamer is cheaper than upgrading to a brand-new Smart TV. And, guess what, a media streamer could give you exclusive access to almost the same collection of apps and channels. Looking at it that way, buying a streaming media player clearly seems to be a sensible and cost effective option.

But this begs another question: which streaming media player to buy? There are several players to choose from and each device has more than a few interesting features of its own. If you are ready to dip your toes into streaming and are looking for the easiest and cheapest way to give your old TV a smart overhaul, then AppyTV streaming media player is worth a look. Here’s why.

  • A sleek, small and unobtrusive black box, the AppyTV connects to the internet seamlessly and allows you to stream your favorite media including latest films and music, access catch up TV services such as the BBC iPlayer and also browse popular websites using Google Chrome and other browser apps. Simply put, this is an all-in-one solution to turn your ordinary TV into a smart TV.
  • Under the hood, the AppyTV is powered by a superior quadcore processor with a good amount of grunt, which, in fact, makes its presence obvious by making sure that all apps launch as fast as possible. This means there’s not much of a lag between when you select an app on the interface and when the media starts playing on your big screen, even though you’re at the mercy of your internet connection to some extent.
  • The AppyTV is designed to handle apps of different sizes and kinds. However, it comes into its own especially when running Netflix. Designed to be Netflix friendly, the AppyTV has the right hardware specs and always runs up-to-date software in order to make sure that your Netflix experience is top-notch. But that doesn’t end there.
  • There’s more to the AppyTV than just Netflix thanks to its interface that has an incredible app support. Beyond media or other streaming apps, the AppyTV can handle almost any app downloaded from the Google Play Store. Easily. As you’d know, there’s a host of apps across a number of categories so you’re going to be spoilt for choice.

The AppyTV box would make for a splendid first streaming media device in homes that are keen to take the plunge into streaming. Find out more about the smart device and its capabilities, and take that first step towards making your old TV smart.

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