Why AppyTV Should Be Your Next Media Streaming Player

For those who don’t own a smart TV, and would rather use their mobile devices, computers or laptops for watching better things, streaming media players, surely, have been somewhat of a blessing. Whether you’re interested in watching the best boxset content or streaming live, there’s a streaming player for you.

Some devices just allow you to stream content from your mobile devices to the big screen, while others simply allow for much more, with the ability to stream, dedicated apps and remotes.  In simple terms, these devices give your old TV a new set of powers so that you can start enjoying all your favorite content on the big screen when you want to. However, you’re going to have to cough up a lot of money to get your hands on the latest streaming device.

Thankfully, a few cost effective streaming media players are available right now.  Appy TV is the first in a new wave of affordable, smart media streaming players that takes advantage of connectivity and app-based entertainment to revolutionise what you watch on TV.

Let’s tell you why we think AppyTV is worth checking out.

  • AppyTV serves as an all-in-one media streamer, which typically gives it access to a huge and constantly growing collection of streaming apps and content. From a huge collection of latest movies to a clutch of sci-fi, supernatural, detective, and fantasy dramas, there are a bundle of movies and shows available to stream now. With the inclusion of several UK-oriented Freeview TV channels, it is also as near-perfect a catch-up TV box as it gets.


  • Android is an intuitive and robust operating system, and AppyTV makes the best use of it. With AppyTV, you get unlimited access to a slew of apps available on the Google Play Store. If you’re looking for a streamer that allows you to run virtually any app from the Google Play Store, don’t look any further than the AppyTV.


  • Designed to be flexible and powerful, the AppyTV is the best answer to all your streaming needs. It has a completely open design which makes it future-proof. Additionally, there’s no need to jailbreak the device whatsoever. Updates are rolled out frequently over the air in order to make sure that the box always runs on the latest software, giving you the best possible streaming experience.


  • It’s as fast and easy to use as any streaming device available in the market. Plug it in and you can collate all of your streaming apps, from BBC iPlayer to YouTube. Unlike its expensive competitors, AppyTV makes it incredibly easy to watch whatever you want whenever you want at a fairly affordable cost.


  • Last but not least, AppyTV is one of the new generation plug and play devices that offer a fast, easy and affordable way to enjoy Netflix on the big screen.

In the age of streaming, TV is no longer about passively sitting around waiting for the TV station to commence their broadcast. A powerful media streamer like AppyTV lets you take full advantage of the world of internet and online streaming. Everything is neatly packaged and offered so all you need to do is just hook it up to your TV. Sounds interesting? Find out more about AppyTV here.

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