3 Reasons Why the AppyTV is the Best Streaming Media Player

In the streaming age, there are several ways to enjoy online streaming services, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video, and Hulu Plus etc. But one of the easiest, smartest and cheapest ways is using AppyTV.

Apparently, there are several options vying for your attention. You can as well buy a costly Smart TV. However, it is hard to find a pretty darn smart TV to which we can give a thumbs-up with respect to functionality and features; besides, they’re quite expensive.

You can also get an internet-enabled blu ray player, but you probably already have a very good one sitting in your front room.

But if you are after a simple streaming media player that lets you watch internet TV without any hassle – do we really need more than that – then the AppyTV is hard to beat.

Here are 3 reasons why we think AppyTV is one of the best streamers around:

A Versatile, Open System

Let’s state the obvious. Unlike other streaming media players in the market, AppyTV is a completely open system. In simple terms, it is a no-nonsense streaming device that simply lets you watch whatever you want when you want without any fuss.

As you rightly guessed, a streamer is only as good as the content and channels that are on offer. With over 70 Freeview channels and a massive collection of movies, videos and box sets to choose from, AppyTV has quite a lot to offer on both fronts. Rounding out the content offerings, the box will also be able to pause, rewind and record TV broadcasts.

Throw in support for high definition content from streaming services and apps like Netflix and YouTube, in addition to the ability to stream/cast your own media via network attached devices and USB, AppyTV is one of the versatile streaming devices you could get your hands on.

Completely Netflix friendly

This is for all those Netflix junkies out there.

AppyTV makes watching Netflix on your TV ridiculously simple. This tiny device offers easily one of the finest Netflix interfaces available on a streaming device. It has the right hardware to give you an optimal streaming experience, so you can be sure it won’t leave you without all the Netflix content you crave for.

Additionally, the box provides superior recommendations and makes it easier to comb through the ever-growing catalogue to quickly get to your favourite movies or box sets. What’s more, the content is neatly organised, and the browsing options on offer are robust.

“Overall, Netflix on Appy TV is a great experience.”

Extremely Easy to Use

Back in the day, connecting your TV to the internet was no less than a nightmare. Times have changed, and how.

Setting up the AppyTV couldn’t be easier: plug it in, and connect it to your network, load the app of your choice, and start streaming. It’s so easy your grandma can do it.

Once connected, choosing what to watch is absurdly simple with the supplied airmouse. In contrast to what you get with other streaming media players, the on-screen interface is simple-yet-intuitive and easy to navigate. Transitions from one screen to another are smooth, and Netflix and other apps open in a matter of seconds.

So there you have it. Put it all together and you get the best streaming media player available today. If you’re planning to buy just one streaming device that could do it all, make it a AppyTV.

You can’t go wrong with it.

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