Caravan TV aerial not working?

AppyTV Streaming Adnroid Media Player with FreeviewYou can’t beat jumping into a touring caravan and driving to wherever the wind takes you.  Wife by my side, taking full advantage of the nap-time and two bored kids in the back, arguing over whether “campsite” is one word or two in I spy.

Apart from the copious amounts of coffee consumed en route, the one thing that makes the journey bearable, is the promise of sitting with my feet up, watching CSI or Game of Thrones with a mug of hot chocolate cooked on the camping stove.  Ok, it’s instant from the kettle but you get the picture.

So, you can imagine my horror when I sat back, flicked the remote to “on” and with a sigh of contentment saw…… a screen full snow.  No, not an extreme snow sports programme or a documentary on the mating call of the arctic fox.  Just static. No signal.

It was the thing of nightmares.  I bent the aerial, twisted it around a coat hanger, waved it around in the air.  I had teenager number one sit on the shoulders of teenager number two whilst holding the aerial aloft but still… no signal.

Resigning ourselves to a long weekend of reading, crosswords and looking at the tops of my kids heads while they tapped away at their phones, which ironically unlike my TV, had four full bars of signal.

If only I had heard of AppyTV.


If I had one of these android boxes, I could have connected to the campsite’s Wi-Fi and watched CSI in high definition to my heart’s content, not to mention listening to all of our favourite tunes on the Spotify music app.  We could even have let our bundles of joy play the latest android games and the full size TV, while we chatted over a glass of wine, or more likely a cup of tea.

Had the aerial been working. my wife could have even have watched the final of Strictly Come Dancing on the built in TV tuner, which would pick up all our favourite Freeview channels.  She could have even paused it to break up the teenage scuffle over the iPad and rewound it when my snoring began to drown out the scoring.

The AppyTV could even have been used when we were gridlocked on the M6.  We could have used 3G/4G via tethering on our mobile phones and passed a much more relaxed hour and a half watching a film rather than fidgeting and watching the clock.

Of course we would have had to bear in mind our phone data usage but for us it would have been well worth it.


Activity Data Consumption

One hour of web browsing 10 – 25mb

One hour of Facebook 20mb

Stream one hour of non-HD video 250mb

Stream one hour of music or radio 150mb


The AppyTV also comes preinstalled with the Kodi media centre app with a wide range of content at our disposal.

If all the above was not reason enough for me to wish we had known of this fantastic device before we left for our holiday, the air mouse would have been the clincher.

My family have never let me forget the first computer we owned and my vain attempt to control the mouse following the instructions, “point and click,” to the letter.  As I wafted the mouse around in the air in front of the monitor, I wondered why the curser was not moving.  I was obviously ahead of my time!

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