What is an android TV box?

What is an Android TV Box?AppyTV Streaming Adnroid Media Player with Freeview

The android TV box allows you to stream content from the web such as movies, TV boxsets, and also play your favourite mobile apps directly on your TV, just as you would on your mobile phone or portable tablet.

By installing an android TV box it enables you to take control in which of your favourite programmes you would like to watch which is great for today’s busy modern lifestyles, allowing you to watch your favourite shows at a time best suited to you.

Android apps such as BBC iPlayer, Netflix and YouTube also personalise your viewing experience based on your specific interests, and display sports and programmes on your home screen. This enables you to watch the shows you like quickly without wasting time browsing.

Sounds great but how does it work?

It really is easy, simply connect an AppyTV android box to your existing Television set via an HDMI cable and connect to your internet service via an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi. The AppyTV box really is very intuitive.

Appy TV Android TV Box

Appy TV is supplied with an air mouse unlike other android TV boxes which are usually packaged with a standard basic remote, which often does not work correctly and does not really have all the functionality you need to control your android TV box.

It is worth mentioning that android is an open source platform which means developers can experiment and design different user interfaces, and if you are not very computer literate these can be very difficult to navigate and understand.

The Appy TV box is different many hours of research have been spent by our team of experienced developers designing an intuitive user friendly interface, which when combined with the supplied air mouse makes navigating around easy and fun.

There are many android boxes on the market today offering similar services however with the Appy TV box we keep your android TV box updated with the latest firmware so that you can enjoy a truly unrivalled service.


The market for cheap android boxes is undoubtedly growing however it is worth consideration that many android boxes offer little to no support unless you know what you are doing.

With an Appy TV streaming media player with built in Freeview you can rest assured that it will be regularly updated to keep you watching your favourite TV programs and the latest films.

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