Game of Thrones, episode 4, Book of the Stranger – Review

Daenery’s Epic End…

We’re up in arms when it comes to end of this week’s episode. After things have been looking rather bleak for The Mother of Dragons we were thrilled to see her get it all off her chest during her  intense disagreement with the Khals. She finalised her epic speech by burning down the palace and emerging from the flames. Truly living up to her many….many names.

daenerys fire dosh khaleen dothraki game of thrones

It was a visually stunning end to one of the strongest and most anticipated episodes of the season so far. For a while the show has seemed to struggle with what to do with Daenerys as a character and it was great to see her finally coming to a point where she’s now a viable competitor for the Iron Throne.

We are now patiently waiting to see how she’s going to transport the thousands of blood thirsty horsemen across the narrow sea.

The Stark Reunion

We’ve all been waiting for this moment for the last five years and boy was it worth the wait.  Although not all the remaining Starks were present it still gave us the feels to see Sansa finally safe in the arms of her brother.


Viewers are not used to seeing moments of kind hearted human interaction in Westeros and to counter the warmth Jon and Sansa got straight down to business when discussing The Bolton’s residency at Winterfell.

However Jon seemed to be more interested in moping around the North instead of actually saving his home.

Which leads us onto the next point…

Ramsey Bolton – Sociopath, Wildling Killer, Pensmith?

Any apprehension that Mr Snow may have had about taking back the North had completely evaporated by the end of the episode after receiving a particularly charming letter from Ramsey Bolton.  Ramsey certainly did Sansa a favour here and we’re eagerly awaiting his downfall. You can safely say we’re not Bolton fans.

Can we all take a moment to honour Osha’s passing.


…then realise we waited two whole seasons for her return to Winterfell and she still failed to keep Rickon safe.  Sansa making it from Winterfell to Castle Black in a matter of days really puts this into perspective.


Littlefinger’s Return…

The return of Ser Petyr Baelish had us gasping at the realisation….did he have this all planned!?

Ever the loyalist to The Starks (read: stalker of Catelyn Stark)  Littlefinger carefully manipulated the Vale into taking up arms against the Boltons in an effort to help Sansa claim back Winterfell.   Wildlings, Starks and The Vale? Oh my..

Ramsey may just get what’s coming to him…..However this is Westeros so I wouldn’t edge any bets just yet.

Margaery is still in the dungeons

One of the most infuriating story lines this season has bearly progressed in this episode. Although we got a glimpse of the rightful Queen, she looks no closer to escaping the High Sparrow. The High Sparrow with his never ending spiel has done well to secure so many enemies in such a short period of time that he’s starting to make us want Joffery to rise from the grave (actually maybe not!). Margaery may not have long to wait though as Cersei desperately tries to rally the forces against the High Sparrow as revenge for her delightful walk of shame in the last season.

We’d be lying if we admitted she didn’t have it coming.

A Love Story To Remember…

And lastly one of our favourite moments from this week’s episode was Tormund’s less than subtle attraction to Lady Brienne. The whole of the internet is already set alight with viewers desperately championing for these two to get it together and form what would be one of Westeros’s most formidable couples.


Briemund is definitely a paring you’d want on your side when winter finally arrives.

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