Netflix, think Appy TV

The best way to keep up to date with all the latest boxsets is with Netflix and the best way to enjoy Netflix is with Appy TV.

Netflix is based on a monthly subscription which you can cancel at any time.

AppyTV Smart Box

Watch your favourite shows and movies

The AppyTV android box is a state of the art streaming media player.

The AppyTV player gives you access to stream the latest films, TV shows / TV series and catch-up TV in full HD using the latest apps and Kodi media centre.

AppyTV guarantees to remain an open service and will update the software on your streaming media player for you.

This means the software doesn't expire or become locked down, as is the case with some manufacturers. As well as a fully functioning open TV streaming player, you can download most Android apps in the same way as you would an Android smartphone or tablet.

You can even browse the web with the built in Chrome browser on your HDTV, or play videos from an attached hard drive or network drive.

Unlike other streaming HDTV and HDMI TV players, you can pause and rewind live TV through a suitable Freeview aerial, all without expensive TV channel subscription costs.

If you prefer to receive Netflix, NowTV or other subscription based services then the powerful AppyTV hardware will have you up and running in next to no time.

AppyTV HDMI Smart Stick

Introducing, the Appy TV Stick

If you don't mind sacrificing the Freeview option and require something smaller to pop in the back of your TV; we have the solution for you. The Appy Stick operates in the same way as the box; it has the same easy to use interface, the same app selection and the same, unrestricted content.

AppyTV Apps

Choose it.

Choose an app that you want to watch

AppyTV Smart Air Mouse

Click it.

Simply click the app icon, to select it

Watch TV and enjoy a coffee

Watch it.

Sit back, relax and enjoy your content

Learn how it works

Endless content to watch

Totally unlimited content, right at your finger tips

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Appy to the rescue


One click kodi

Unlike the Amazon fire TV stick, Appy TV comes with a preinstalled Kodi Media (formally XBMC) centre app giving you access to a huge library of content. Never worry about the app being out of date as we ensure that Appy TV is always running the latest version. With our easy to use interface, accessing the app has never been easier.

AppyTV Smart Air Mouse

Smart air mouse

Gone are the days of navigating through screen after screen with only the arrow keys at your disposal. Our smart air mouse makes accessing your favourite apps and content child's play. Swipe and click, it's as simple as that.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Unlike the Amazon Fire Stick, Appy comes with a Google Chrome app preinstalled. Browse the internet on your TV as you would on any other device.

Unrestricted Apps

Unrestricted apps

The Appy TV subscription ensures that the software is always running with the latest version of all your favourite apps. We take care of your apps so you don't have to. Unlike the Amazon Fire TV stick, Appy lets you install all of your favourite apps for a completely personalised viewing experience.



Appy TV is the only smart TV box on the market that offers you the best of an open platform with all the best of LIVE TV at your disposal, optimised for the UK.

AppyTV Interface

Easy to use interface

Unlike the Amazon Fire TV Stick, Appy TV is super easy to navigate. We have built our interface around what we are all already used to, our phones and tablets. All of your favourite content is available at the click of an app.